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7 Easy Methods To Induce Labor

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When any pregnancy is coming right at the end, it is extremely frustrating for mom because she is huge, extremely uncomfortable, and has had enough of being pregnant. In fact, towards the last part of the third trimester, walking can be quite an ordeal. This means the pregnant mom will have to struggle with walking from point A to point B even if it means that she is only having to walk for 5 minutes.

However, at the same time, mom knows that the baby still needs to finish baking up until around the 39th week so she has to hang in there until at least that point. But, if she is at that point or if she is already late, there are ways that mom can trigger labor. And they are also quite safe. Here are 7 methods on how mom can induce labor when the timing is right.

Nipple Stimulation – This may sound strange to do because you may think that stimulating the nipples would not have any effect on inducing labor. However, it most certainly can help. That is because when the nipples are massaged, then the hormone oxytocin is released which is what triggers contractions. It is a simple way to get things going.

Sex – This one may be confusing considering that you have been told that sex is safe to have when you are pregnant. However, before the end of the third trimester, the mucus plug is intact and prevents semen from entering the cervix. This is why it is safe unless mom has a weak cervix and has been instructed by her OB or midwife not to have sex during pregnancy. However, towards the end of the pregnancy, the cervix starts thinning out as the mucus plug gets thinner. And that means the properties in the semen can easily reach the cervix and cause dilation. This means sex can easily trigger labor.

Apply Evening Primrose Oil On Cervix – Evening Primrose Oil or EPO can be used to trigger labor by applying it on the cervical area as it can easily cause the cervix to thin out and dilate. This is exactly why pregnant women are told not to have any contact with EPO during the earlier stages of pregnancy. It can trigger early labor and that is why if it is used, it has be done at the safest time which is literally right at the end of the pregnancy.

Take Blue Or Black Cohosh – This herb is known to trigger labor, however, you will want to consult with a naturopath to make sure it is safe. It is a potent herb which means you could end up with strong contractions after taking it quickly. In fact, when it comes to taking any herbal supplement for when you are looking to trigger labor or during pregnancy for any other reason, you will need to get professional advice.

Take Castor Oil But With Caution – Castor oil has been used for a long time to trigger labor, but you will want to be careful. First of all, it tastes horrible so if you are prepared to go through that then that is fine. Additionally, what castor oil does is that it can cause extreme bowel contractions which may or may not trigger labor. That may mean you could just end up spending a lot of time in the bathroom uncomfortable and it won’t do anything other than that.

Take A Long Walk – If you have the energy for it, you can always take a long walk and perhaps that can help get things moving along.

Eat Spicy Foods – If you can handle the heartburn that comes with taking in spicy foods, then this may be a great option for you. Go to your favorite authentic Mexican or Thai restaurant, and you may order the spicy dish that will get things moving. In order to reinforce that, you may want to eat and then take a really long walk after. That will increase the chances of the baby coming. However, while making the decision to utilize any of these tips, you will want to firstly stay calm, and hang in there. Because even if you do use any of these methods and nothing happens – it simply means that the baby is not quite ready to come out even if you are more than ready. The timing really has to be correct in order for anything to be completely effective. With that said, hang in there! It won’t be forever and that is a guarantee.

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